Angry Voters Support Trump, Rubio Needs to Focus on Electability

Angry Voters Support Trump, Rubio Needs New Message

Rubio Needs to Focus on Electability

More than half of the voters in the Nevada Republican caucus were angry with our federal government, more than the other three states that have voted so far (South Carolina, 40%; New Hampshire, 39%; Iowa, 42%). And if you are angry, you tend to support Trump.

In Nevada, among the angry Republican caucus attendees, almost half voted for Trump (48%), 25% voted for Cruz, and 20% voted for Rubio.

Of those Nevada Republican caucus attendees looking for a candidate outside of the establishment, 70% voted for Trump.

So where does Rubio have a shot? Of the 32% that said their most important quality was winning the election in November, 50% voted for Rubio. Rubio was also the top pick for those who value government experience over being an outsider.

Rubio needs to change the conversation away from anger and seeking an outsider, to electability (and fast!) if he wants to be a real contender in the 2016 election.