Dr. Andy Banerjee at ITS 2016

Dr. Andy Banerjee at ITS 2016

SSRS SVP of Advanced Analytics Spoke at the International Telecommunications Society Event in June

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Online services, including “over the tops” (OTTs) and other applications, emerge to compete with conventional telecommunication services. The issue over whether or not broadband access providers have the right to create Internet “fast lanes” for OTTs has been fiercely debated a couple years ago. Now, the investment in broadband infrastructure has become a critical concern among stakeholders. For the regulators worldwide, the current situation is even more complicated than ever. Telecommunications operators, vendors and governments should jointly adopt a new approach to tackle this problem.

During this year’s event, Dr. Banerjee presented “Transformation of Video and Television Through Broadband and Changing Consumer Preferences” and was also the chair for the discussion “How to regulate OTT : TV model , Internet model or a hybrid model?”.

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