Data Collection Webinar, Invisible Wounds of War and Trends in Telephone Outcomes

July 2016

SSRS Expert Presents CASRO Webinar

Join our Chief Methodologist and Executive Vice President, David Dutwin for the CASRO Data Collection Webinar.  While online data collection garners much attention these days, researchers understand the critical value of telephone interviews.


SSRS expert practitioners delve into the components of managing a telephone study:

• Sample Universe and Sample Source
• Incidence (How is it calculated?)
• Length of questionnaire
• Incentives
• Interviewer training
• Status reports
• Closure (communications at end of study/moving to tabulation)

You’ll also get expert legal advice on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).


Confronting the Invisible Wounds of War

A recent survey conducted by SSRS for the George W. Bush Presidential Center revealed that 8 in 10 veterans view embarrassment or shame as a barrier to seeking care for their invisible wound of war, post-traumatic stress or a traumatic brain injury.

Hot Diggity Dog! National Hot Dog Day 2016

Saturday July 23 is National Hot Dog Day 2016. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) created the day in 1991 to honor this all-American dish. SSRS wanted to know what else Americans had to say about their love of hot dogs. View our data.

David Dutwin in New AAPOR Survey Practice Issue

David Dutwin and Paul Lavrakas lead the new issue of AAPOR Survey Practice with an overview of trends in landline and telephone productivity. View trends in telephone survey dispositions for major survey firms since the start of the “cell phone period” of research.