Reports of the demise of polls have been greatly exaggerated

David Dutwin’s latest article has been published in the Washington Post

SSRS EVP and Chief Methodologist, David Dutwin, published an article yesterday entitled “Reality Check: Public Opinion Polling is Doing Just Fine”.

Dutwin writes, “the simple truth is that the death of probability based, scientifically rigorous and highly precise polling has been greatly exaggerated. Public opinion polling is doing just fine. Polls serve a critical role in democracy and, contrary to polling’s noisy critics, continue to provide highly accurate estimates of public sentiment.”

This morning, the article was published in the Washington Post, titled “Reports of the demise of polls have been greatly exaggerated”.

The article states, “recent research into Pew Research Center, ABC-Washington Post and CBS-New York Times telephone polling finds little growth in inaccuracies in polls over the past 20 years, despite response rates having dropped from the 30 percent range to the single digits.”

David Dutwin is Executive Vice President and Chief Methodologist for SSRS, a survey research firm located outside of Philadelphia, PA. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Program for Opinion Research and Election Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and serves on the Executive Council of the American Association for Public Opinion Research. Opinions expressed here are solely his own.