Voters Most Influenced by Debates and TV/Print News Reporting

But do negative political ads affect how voters view the whole advertising industry?

New survey fielded for the 4A’s by SSRS

“A new survey fielded exclusively for the 4A’s found the debates are neck and neck with television and radio reporting as the two most influential factors on voting decisions. Newspapers/print media and social media follow. Despite all of the buzz about social media, it still lags behind print media as a decision shaper, though not by a huge margin. When asked what the most influential form of media is, they survey found that debates are more influential among Millennials (41 percent) while television (one-third) and radio reporting (one-quarter) are more influential among Baby Boomers and those older. Predictably, social media has more influence over younger people (19 percent).”

“Fewer than 10 percent of the 1,000 voting age adults surveyed believe political ads influence how they vote. But that’s not to say ads don’t help voters shape opinions of candidates and competitors during a presidential battle. Further, two in ten feel that political ads are too negative and 15 percent believe they mostly present false messages.”