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SSRS Continues to be a Proud Sponsor of the AAPOR Annual Conference

Congratulations to Our VP Jordon Peugh, AAPOR 2018-19 Secretary-Treasurer!

Jordon is actively involved in the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), where she has served on the Education Committee, and is currently the 2018-19 Secretary-Treasurer.  She is also a member of the NY Chapter of AAPOR where she recently served as Communications Chair.  Learn more about Jordon.

SSRS Presentations & Posters 2018

  • Extending Traditional Landline Ethnic Flagging to Cell Phones  >>  View Presentation
  • 15 Years of the National Survey of Latinos  >>  View Presentation
  • AAPOR Report on Spam Flagging and Call Blocking  >>  View Presentation
  • Recently Resettled Refugees and their Experience with the Annual Survey of Refugees  >>  View Presentation
  • Degree of Ruralness and Public Opinion  >>  View Presentation
  • Validation Methods for Complex Mixed-panel Web Studies  >>  View Presentation
  • Conducting Survey Research with Healthcare Stakeholders  >>  View Poster
  • Mode Effects in Physician Surveys about Technology Use  >>  View Poster

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Pictures from the Conference

Congratulations to Andrew Stephenson of the Center for Social and Behavioral Research at the University of Northern Iowa! He Won the Raffle for Our Mini Chaos the Giraffe!

Who Attended?

Melissa was involved in a number of events during this year’s event.  Take a look at our schedule below to see where she was! 

Melissa Herrman

Eran spoke multiple times during this year’s event.  View our schedule below to see where he was.

Eran Ben-Porath, Ph.D.

Chintan is the President of NYAAPOR.  He attended multiple events and sessions this year.  Look for his whereabouts on our SSRS schedule.

Chintan Turakhia
EVP, Strategic Research and Emerging Technologies

Jonathan is one of the new members of the SSRS team.  We hope you stopped by booth 414 to say hello and meet him! 

Jonathan Best
Vice President of Advanced Scientific Methods

Susan is an AAPOR veteran; she presented research with the Urban Institute this year.  Take a look at our SSRS calendar below to see where else she was! 

Susan Sherr, Ph.D.
VP, Demographic & Policy Research

Jordon was recently elected the AAPOR Associate Secretary-Treasurer for the 2018-19 term. She presented two posters during this year’s event.

Jordon Peugh
VP - Health Policy & Public Opinion Research

Jennifer frequented the SSRS booth and took the lead on our speed network sessions during this year’s event.  View our schedule below to see where she was!

Jennifer Su
Associate Research Director

We’ll See You in Toronto in 2019!