AJC 2017 Survey of American Jewish Opinion

AJC 2017 Survey of American Jewish Opinion on U.S., Global Issues

Survey Conducted by SSRS

AJC’s Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion indicates widespread dissatisfaction with President Trump’s performance in office, and a significant rise in American Jewish fears of rising anti-Semitism. The 2017 survey is the latest in the global Jewish advocacy organization’s annual reports on the views of American Jews about key issues.

“For many years, our surveys have provided insights into the thinking of American Jews on a range of critical issues of concern to our community,” said AJC CEO David Harris. “Particularly striking in our new survey is the fact that attitudes towards the president, both pro and con, have remained largely static since Election Day, and within the Jewish community the discrepancy between the Orthodox and other Jewish denominations on most questions is pronounced.”

Press Surrounding the 2017 AJC Survey