COVID-19 In America: Concerns about the Crisis, Application of Social Distancing and Current Financial Impact

SSRS Coronavirus Research

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to present immense challenges for so many organizations and industries.  Regardless of how current events are affecting your organization, accurate and timely public opinion data can help keep you informed of American perceptions amidst the public health crisis. View the findings from the research SSRS has recently conducted surrounding COVID-19 and the American public.

SSRS Infographics

SSRS does short studies on unique and timely topics to demonstrate the power and breadth of our research services. The studies use our portfolio of survey options, including the SSRS Omnibus, the SSRS Opinion Panel, the SSRS Sports Poll, and more. Each study is packaged in an infographic that summarizes the findings and delivers the bottom lines. View our most recent infographics.

SSRS Sports Poll Data

The SSRS/Luker on Trends Sports Poll is more than a data tool. It places a greater emphasis on intelligence serving the strategic direction of sports, including properties, media, and brands.  It focuses on building lifetime values for fans and sustaining their hearts. This means understanding what drives avidity, what sustains it over time, and what threatens it the most.  This cutting-edge research maximizes revenues with existing fans today.