Baseball Fans Say Start Them Young

When it comes to initiating kids into Cubs fandom, it’s never too early, many fans say

This article from the Chicago Tribune is a great example of how trends feed insights. We really enjoy working on the ESPN polling with Luker on Trends!

Diehard Cubs fans who endured parts of the 108-year World Series drought know their hometown team’s current success could be short-lived. So some families are pushing fandom before solid foods and potty training.

And this is not just a Cubs phenomenon. Across town, as the City Series kicks off Friday, White Sox fans vigilantly maintain their family traditions, hoping their kids won’t go rogue and ask for tickets to Wrigley Field.

No matter what brings superfan families to the stadium — whether to watch the NL Central leading Cubs or the rebuilding Sox — they’re bringing their kids along for the ride.

While parents may do it to instill the excitement of rooting for the underdog or so their offspring can back them up on the chorus of “Go Cubs Go,” experts say it’s ultimately about building family ties and traditions…

…But people become baseball fans at a younger age than they do of any other sport, said Rich Luker, a social psychologist who has run ESPN’s polling for more than two decades. About half of all Americans over the age of 12 were taken to a major league or minor league game by a parent when they were a kid, he said.