CHIA Releases Findings from 2017 Massachusetts Health Insurance Survey

CHIA Releases Findings from 2017 Massachusetts Health Insurance Survey

The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) contracted with SSRS and its subcontractor, the Urban Institute, to conduct the 201 7 Massachusetts Health Insurance Survey (MHIS)

CHIA has announced the release of Findings from the 2017 Massachusetts Health Insurance Survey. The Massachusetts Health Insurance Survey (MHIS) provides information on health insurance coverage, health care access, use, and affordability for Massachusetts residents as part of CHIA’s Continuing Study on Insurance Coverage, Underinsurance and Uninsurance.

In an effort to better understand the experiences of Massachusetts residents in obtaining timely and affordable care, the 2017 MHIS includes new questions on underinsurance, sources of medical debt as well as reasons for unmet health care needs due to cost.

Along with the report, CHIA is also releasing detailed data tables and a methodology report.

Key Findings:

  • In 2017, the uninsurance rate in Massachusetts was 3.7 percent, compared to an 8.8 percent uninsurance rate for the rest of the nation based on early estimates.
  • Almost one in ten Massachusetts respondents were underinsured in 2017.
  • Among those respondents with medical debt, more than three in four incurred all family medical bills while they and their family had health insurance.