CNN launches new polling methodology

CNN launches new polling methodology

CNN polls conducted by SSRS implement a new methodology for measuring public opinion

The landscape of political polling is changing, and so too is the way CNN carries out its polls. Beginning with Friday’s newly released CNN poll conducted by SSRS, the network is implementing a new methodology for measuring public opinion.

The new approach relies on both online and telephone interviews, allowing respondents to participate in whichever way is more comfortable for them, and will use different methods for measuring long-term trends and for reactions to breaking news.

The new methodology allows for the researchers behind the CNN poll to have a better understanding of who is and who is not responding to the poll, and to better account for political differences between the two groups, addressing one of the most likely causes of 2020 polling errors.

Election polling in 2020 broadly missed the mark on measuring support for Republican candidates up and down the ballot. Assessments of what went wrong suggest that the problem derived from differential non-response — that is, that the people who took surveys were not the same politically as those who did not.