Current Media Depictions of Gender Concern Parents

Current Media Depictions of Gender Concern Parents

Common Sense Launches Landmark Media Evaluation Guidelines to Assess Gender Stereotypes, Role Models on TV Shows and in Films, in Response to Concerned Parents

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“San Francisco, CA – Today, Common Sense released “Watching Gender: How Stereotypes in Movies and on TV Impact Kids’ Development”, a report that reflects conversations with thousands of concerned parents as well as an extensive analysis of research over the past 40 years around child development, gender, and media to assess how gender roles in the media influence kids’ development and how parents feel about it.”

“We have seen gender roles undergo transformational change over the past half century, but media portrayals have not kept up,” said Olivia Morgan, director of the Gender Equity Is Common Sense initiative. “Most U.S. families depend on a woman’s paycheck, and many men enjoy family responsibilities, yet that is not what’s portrayed on TV and at the movies.”

Many of the key findings from the research report were corroborated in responses from the nearly 1,000 parents surveyed in Common Sense’s national poll.