Founder of SSRS/Luker on Trends Sports Poll Featured in New York Times

Rich Luker, Founder of the SSRS/Luker on Trends Sports Poll, Featured in New York Times Article

“What Makes Someone a Fan?”

This article is part of a new series on visionaries.  The New York Times selected people from all over the world who are pushing the boundaries of their fields, from science and technology to culture and sports. 

The sports world is filled with people whose job is to sell tickets, advertisements, sponsorships, luxury boxes, and all manner of game-day experiences.  The more, the better.  Any fan will do.

Rich Luker has tried to get those managers, supervisors and executives to look for something more profound, something he calls “lifetime value.”

To Dr. Luker, the most concrete iteration of that concept is the idea that passionate fans would get a tattoo of their favorite team’s logo to show that it is part of their core identity.

This is just one of the discoveries he has made over the past 25 years as the founder of Luker on Trends, a sports polling company that works with many professional sports teams and leagues.