SSRS Geomarketing

Engaging Audiences Based on Their Location

Delivering the Right Message, to the Right Person, in the Right Location

Geomarketing is a location-based service used to engage an audience by sending relevant messages to smartphone users who enter a pre-defined location or geographic area.

Along with our mobile panel partners, SSRS can create specific digital geofences that, when crossed, send an electronic invitation to the respondent to complete a survey.

This approach is especially helpful when looking to gauge awareness of advertising campaigns in specific cities or regions of the country, mainly out of household campaigns.

SSRS Geomarketing Advantages

Very quick feedback

Target by specific demographics throughout the country

Answers the questions: Where are my Customers? What kind of customers use my product? Who is my competition?

Survey questions may include unaided and aided awareness, familiarity, and favorability of specific campaigns

Areas to target are sporting events, eateries, retailers, and more

How SSRS Geomarketing Works

Step 1: Target Zone

  • Determine what area the geofence should be applied to.
  • This could include a business, sporting arena, eatery, and so on.

Step 2: Audience

  • Panelists have opted in to be tracked on their mobile device.
  • Immediately after a respondent breaks the geofence, they are asked to complete a survey.
  • Surveys can also be sent at a predetermined time after a panelist breaks the geofence.

Step 3: Timeline

The audience will receive the survey while in the geo-fenced area and for a predetermined amount of time after leaving the geofenced area.

Case Studies

SSRS has used Geomarketing to assist widely-known alcohol brands in determining ad campaign effectiveness among consumers.

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