How often do Americans spend free time in nature?

How often do Americans spend free time in nature?

New Study by APM Research Lab & The Water Main

Data collection conducted by SSRS

Getting outside to enjoy nature is a pastime enjoyed by millions. But how often are Americans spending recreational time in the great outdoors? And what are some of the barriers preventing people from getting out more?

In partnership with the Water Main, we asked a nationally representative sample of Americans two questions:

  1. How often do you spend free time in nature? This includes things like going to a park, going for a hike, or going to the beach. This does not include activities like organized sports such as basketball or baseball. Would you say: Several times a week; about once a week; once or twice a month; less than once a month; or never?
  2. What is the single biggest thing that keeps you from spending more free time in nature?