Ideal ages for financial milestones

Americans reveal ideal ages for financial milestones

New Bankrate Survey Conducted by SSRS

Age may be nothing but a number. But we can use it to track our progress toward reaching certain goals. And according to a new Bankrate survey, how old you are, where you live and how much money you make can determine how soon you’re hoping to reach certain financial milestones.

It’s normal to get a driver’s license at 16 and to go off to college at age 17 or 18. But if you’re wondering about the right time to get a first credit card or retire, you might get different responses depending on who you ask.

Members of every generation agree that 21 is the ideal age for someone to buy or lease their first car. And everyone except the oldest Americans say you should buy your first home at age 28. The Silent Generation says 26 is the ideal age to be a first-time homebuyer.