Inference from Nonprobability Samples

NISS/ WSS Workshop on Inference from Nonprobability Samples

View David Dutwin’s Presentation from the Event

SSRS EVP, David Dutwin, Ph.D., recently presented at the National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) and the Washington Statistical Society’s (WSS) Workshop on Inference from Nonprobability Samples.

The workshop was modeled on a European Survey Research Association (ESRA) workshop on inference from nonprobability samples.  NISS, in association with the WSS, invited the four DC-based speakers on the ESRA workshop program (Mercer, Kott, and replacements for Tortora and Krotki) and three additional experts (Richard Valliant, David Dutwin, Michael Robbins) to discuss inference from nonprobability samples and to debate their work in progress.

The workshop was of interest to survey statisticians and others grappling with the theoretical and practical issues of drawing statistical inference from samples with components not selected at random.

Input from the attendees was not only welcome but encouraged. Statisticians and survey methodologists from all sectors, government, academia and industry, were encouraged to participate.