KFF/theGrio Survey of Black Voters

KFF/theGrio Survey of Black Voters

Sampling, data collection, weighting, and tabulation were managed by SSRS in close collaboration with KFF researchers. Teams from KFF and theGrio worked together to develop the questionnaire and analyze the data, and KFF financed the survey. Each organization is solely responsible for its content.

The Survey of Black Voters, the first under a new partnership between KFF and theGrio, examines the mood and opinions of Black voters as the 2022 midterm election approaches. For this project, we interviewed 1,000 Black registered voters, allowing for analysis that goes beyond the topline findings and paints a richer picture of the diversity of attitudes within the Black voting population.

The survey explores Black voters’ voting intentions, motivations, and views on key electoral issues for the upcoming midterm. It also examines Black voters’ attitudes toward the Democratic and Republican Parties, views on electoral integrity, and past experiences with voter suppression. In addition to these election-related topics, the survey sheds light on how Black voters feel about timely topics including recent Supreme Court decisions, policies affecting LGBT individuals, and policies aimed at improving health for Black people in the United States.

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