Mark Schulman Speaking at JSM 2019

SSRS Senior Research Consultant Mark Schulman Speaking at JSM 2019

July 27 – August 1, 2019 | Colorado Convention Center

JSM (the Joint Statistical Meetings) is the largest gathering of statisticians and data scientists held in North America. It is held jointly with the:

  • *American Statistical Association
  • Casualty Actuarial Society
  • *International Biometric Society (ENAR and WNAR)
  • International Chinese Statistical Association
  • International Indian Statistical Association
  • *Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  • International Society for Bayesian Analysis
  • International Statistical Institute
  • Korean International Statistical Society
  • Royal Statistical Society
  • *Statistical Society of Canada

It is also one of the broadest, with topics ranging from statistical applications to methodology and theory to the expanding boundaries of statistics, such as analytics and data science.

JSM also offers a unique opportunity for statisticians in academiaindustry, and government to exchange ideas and explore opportunities for collaboration. Beginning statisticians (including current students) are able to learn from and interact with senior members of the profession.

*Indicates the founding societies of JSM


Mark is presenting:  Two Americas Now? What Polling Tells Us about Where We Stand

Has the gulf between the two Americas even widened in 2018 and 2019? This roundtable will discuss recent polling and the 2018 elections results, some electoral history, and other recent polling to provide a portrait of where we stand. Data sources include the Pew Research Center, election exit polling, and other leading public opinion sources.