Americans Oppose Restricting Rights for LGBT People

Most Americans Oppose Restricting Rights for LGBT People

New survey designed and conducted by PRRI, with professional interviewers under the direction of SSRS.

Among the findings:

  • Support for same-sex marriage continues to rise among the general public. Nearly two-thirds (66%) of Americans favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally, while fewer than one-third (28%) oppose. Even a majority (55%) of seniors (age 65 or older) support the legality of same-sex marriage today.
  • Americans strongly support non-discrimination laws for LGBT people. More than seven in ten (72%) Americans favor laws that would protect LGBT people from discrimination in jobs, public accommodation, and housing. Roughly one-quarter (24%) of the public oppose such laws.
  • A plurality of Americans oppose transgender “bathroom bills.” Half (50%) of the public oppose laws that would require transgender people to use bathrooms that match their birth sex rather than their current gender identity. Less than four in ten (38%) favor such policies.
  • Few Americans say religiously affiliated adoption agencies that receive federal funding should be allowed to refuse to place children with qualified gay and lesbian couples. More than two-thirds (68%) of the public oppose allowing agencies that receive federal funding to refuse placing children with gay or lesbian couples, compared to 28% of Americans who favor such a policy.