Susan Sherr Attending NACCHO 360 Conference

Each year, the NACCHO360 conference empowers cross-pollination by bridging traditional public health practices and disciplines with health informatics, information technology, and surveillance.
This year’s theme, Looking to the Future: Reshaping the Public Health System will explore how the local public health workforce and its stakeholders can move forward in the midst of an ongoing crisis while implementing traditional and innovative approaches to restructure a system built to protect the health of communities nationwide. 
SSRS is a proven leader in the Health Policy and Healthcare fields, and continues to develop and evolve strategies to gain the cooperation of harder-to-reach populations that are often of the greatest interest to health policy makers.  For more than 15 years, SSRS has worked with healthcare and health policy researchers to conduct methodologically-sophisticated surveys of populations to gain insight into respondents’ experiences with healthcare and health insurance and to better understand health behaviors across all demographics.  The NACCHO 360 event is the perfect platform to learn more about the current state of public health and how our work can help inform that space.

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