Nike Colin Kaepernick Just Do it

Young people support Nike’s bet on Kaepernick, poll shows

New SSRS Omnibus poll provided exclusively to CNN

“What was Nike thinking?” President Donald Trump said on Twitter last week about Nike’s new ad featuring Colin Kaepernick.

A new poll may provide an answer.

Nike’s decision to make the former San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick a centerpiece of its 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign was a shrewd investment in its core customers: Younger Americans.

Among people ages 18 to 34, 44% supported Nike’s decision to use Kaepernick, while 32% opposed it, according to an SSRS Omnibus poll provided exclusively to CNN. In the 35-to-44 age bracket, the decision earned support among a majority, 52%, compared to 37% who were against it.

Older adults were less supportive of the move: Only 26% of adults over 65 backed the decision.