SSRS Online Solutions

SSRS manages data from various opt-in panels using advanced weighting, calibration, and modelling techniques.

Industry-Leading Balanced Samples

SSRS leverages multiple panels to ensure balancing on challenging metrics such as education, in-language for Hispanics, and income. SSRS also tracks interactive balancing, ensuring adequate representation of race within education, or gender within age, for example. We are one of the only firms that provides this level of depth.

Probability Sample Calibration

The SSRS Omnibus Survey enables SSRS to be in the field continuously. Its high quality, dual frame, bilingual, random digit dialing (RDD) administers topic and study-specific metrics to calibrate your online survey. SSRS can weight data by the standard demographics (age, gender, education), and can include unique metrics most relevant to your data. We provide advanced calibrations few other firms can offer.

Sample Matching

SSRS is an advanced leader in sample matching techniques for opt-in samples. The ability to leverage sample from multiple partners allows us to execute more stringent matching protocol than a single provider can offer, allowing for greater rigor and control.

Custom Provider-Specific Modelling

SSRS provides adjustment models for specific panel providers. Researchers utilize propensity weighting models using standard “webographics” to adjust opt-in samples, but these questions work differently for various opt-in panels. SSRS offers models that are provider-specific, and we have developed the most effective model to cover non-Internet households in the business.

Hybrid Solutions

Many researchers choose to blend research approaches to attain studies with high quality yet fairly low cost.  Such is the case with studies, for example, that are half RDD telephone and half opt-in web panel.  SSRS has been a leader in hybrids, both in terms of operationalization and statistical estimation.

The Right Sample for Your Project

SSRS utilizes an extensive global partner network, and we find the right sample for your project every time. All clients receive full demographic information for all completed interviews including:

  • By Audience: Consumer, B2B, Healthcare Professionals, Patients
  • By Geography: The Americas, Europe, Asia, plus extensive coverage of Emerging Markets
  • By Methodology: Online Surveys, Focus Groups, Communities

End-to-end Online Survey Operation Capabilities

  • Scripting and Hosting Services Supported by various Industry-Standard Software Platforms
  • Data Cleaning and Reduction
  • Tabulations and Data Files
  • Reports and Charting
  • Online Dashboards

SSRS ensures the highest data quality possible with opt-in samples. We lead the industry in providing the critical “value added” element to guarantee the accuracy and ultimate representivity of your online data.

The SSRS Probability Panel is Our Newest Online Solutions Offering

The Probability Panel offers the ability to conduct probabilistic surveys in fast timeframes at low costs. Current clients include ABC News, The American Association of Advertising Agencies, and more.

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