SSRS Political and Election Polling

Non-partisan Political and Election Related Research

SSRS conducts political opinion and election-related research using a mix of samples, modes, and methods. Our mixed mode approaches have replaced traditionally exclusive reliance on phone, following the principle of “fit for purpose.”

They are tailored to address key challenges of modern-day election polling, particularly the risk of differential response rates between Democrats and Republicans and other hard-to-measure nonresponse biases.

An Innovative Approach to Political and Election Polling

SSRS Utilizes Mixed Methods Tailored to Research Needs

  • Conducting “Gold standard” mixed-mode address-based sample (ABS) designs to obtain population benchmarks for non-demographic attitudinal measures, helping to measure and reduce nonresponse biases in faster-turnaround polls
  • Using the SSRS Opinion Panel and the SSRS Text Message Panel for rapid-turnaround research
  • Applying our Encipher Hybrid calibration approach to increase available sample sizes, especially at the state level, by blending probability and nonprobability samples

SSRS Links a Variety of Data Sources to Improve Survey Data Quality

  • Appending external data (voter and commercial files, small area demographics, and precinct-level election results) to detect and correct for partisan nonresponse
  • Applying machine learning models to predict the party affiliation of persons at an address for stratification and weighting
  • Assigning likely voter scores based on vote history and other externally available data
  • Validating self-reports of past voting behavior

SSRS Applies an Advanced Use of Weighting Adjustments

  • Weighting to new non-demographic benchmarks (e.g., recalled vote and modeled party identification within small geographic areas) to correct for differential response rates by party and other non-demographic drivers of polling error

SSRS Political and Election Polling Work

2022 Collaborative Midterm Survey

SSRS is deeply committed to innovation and transparency, the two main goals of the 2022 Collaborative Midterm Survey.  As SSRS advances polling methodologically, our organization is continuously dedicated to transparency for our clients and the public.


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