SSRS Probability Panel

Rigorous Standards Combine Accuracy, Flexibility, and Affordability

The SSRS Probability Panel is a random sample of the U.S. population recruited from a high-quality probability sampling frame.

It offers the ability to conduct probabilistic research on a fast time frame but at a lower cost.

Sample Frame

The Panel is based on simple random dual-frame (landline and cell phone) telephone samples and recruiting—an approach that remains a standard for conducting accurate, projectable research. This sampling frame covers all English and Spanish speaking Americans across the 50 states who own or share at least one telephonic device.


The Panel is recruited through the SSRS Omnibus, a national, dual-frame bilingual telephone survey fielded six times per month. Each wave of the SSRS Omnibus consists of 1,000 interviews, of which 600 are obtained with respondents on their cell phones, and a minimum of 35 interviews are completed in Spanish. At the end of an SSRS Omnibus survey, respondents who have been identified as having Internet access are invited to participate in the panel (87% of all adults, Pew Research Center, February 2014, “The Web at 25”).  The SSRS Omnibus is always in the field, which means we are constantly recruiting, inviting approximately 1,400 new members every month.

Representative Data

Each SSRS Probability Panel survey is weighted to provide nationally representative and projectable estimates of the adult population 18 years of age and older (or other population, depending on the study needs). The weighting process takes into account the recruitment of panelists through SSRS Omnibus, thus the disproportionate probabilities of household and respondent selection due to the number of separate telephone landlines and cellphones answered by Omnibus respondents and their households, as well as the probability associated with the random selection of an individual household member.  In addition, a propensity score is also incorporated into the base-weight to project from Internet respondents to all adults.

Panelist Data & Targeting Capabilities

A strength of the SSRS Probability Panel is the data available on each panelist. During recruitment, we gather over 30 data points on respondents, including standard demographics such as gender, age, education, and income and also deeper data such as health insurance status, religion, political party identification, and the number and age of every child in the household. Such respondent data are included in final data files and you do not need to add costly time to your survey re-asking demographics. These data points can also be used to target specific respondent types, allow us to efficiently reach low incidence or pre-identified respondents.

Multi-mode Capabilities

While most surveys using the Panel are conducted online, one of the strengths of the panel is mode flexibility. Surveys can be administered to panelists over the web, by phone, and via mail, depending on the study goals. Mixed mode surveys are available, where multiple techniques may be used to increase coverage or for maximum response.

SSRS Online Solutions

We manage data from various opt-in panels using advanced weighting, calibration, and modelling techniques.

Utilizing our extensive global partner network, we find the right sample for your project every time.

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