David Dutwin, Ph.D.

David Dutwin, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President & Chief Methodologist

David Dutwin, Ph.D., is primarily responsible for sampling designs, project management, executive oversight, weighting and statistical estimation.  He is an active member of the survey research community, having served in the American Association for Public Opinion Research as a member and a chair of special task forces, a member of the Standards, Communications, and Heritage Committees; teaching multiple short courses and webinars; as the Student Paper winner of 2002; and as the 2016 Conference Chair.  He was elected to the AAPOR Executive Council in 2017 and serves as the 2017 Vice President/2018 President.  David is a Senior Fellow with the Program for Opinion Research and Election Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

He holds a Masters of Communication from the University of Washington and his doctorate in Communication and Public Opinion from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania.  David attained his Bachelors in Political Science and Communication from the University of Pittsburgh

He has taught Research Methods, Rhetorical Theory, Media Effects and other courses as an Adjunct Professor at West Chester University and the University of Pennsylvania for over a decade.  David is also a Research Scholar at the Institute for Jewish and Community Research.  His publications are wide-ranging, including a 2008 book on media effects and parenting; methodology articles for Survey Practice, the MRA magazine Alert!, and other publications; and a range of client reports, most recently on Hispanic acceptance of LGBT, which he presented to a Congressional briefing in 2012.

Fun Fact

David is an avid snowboarder.

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