About the SSRS Probability Panel

The SSRS Probability Panel is a group of panelists recruited from our high-quality probability sampling frame, the SSRS Omnibus. The SSRS Probability Panel offers the ability to conduct probabilistic surveys in fast time frames at low costs and with multi-modal capabilities. Because the SSRS Probability Panel is sampled and recruited through the SSRS Omnibus, the result is a panel that is highly representative of the U.S. population. And since the SSRS Omnibus is always in the field, we are constantly recruiting — inviting approximately 1,400 online members every month.

SSRS Infographics

SSRS does short studies on unique and timely topics to demonstrate the power and breadth of our research services. The studies use our portfolio of survey options, including the SSRS Omnibus, the SSRS Probability Panel, the SSRS Millennial Omnibus and more. Each study is packaged in an infographic that summarizes the findings and delivers the bottom lines. View our most recent infographics.