Sleep Health Index

The National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Health Index

Data Collection Conducted by SSRS; Gary Langer of Langer Research Associates Provided Data Analysis for the Project

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) set out to develop a single survey to gauge “sleep health” among adults in the United States.11 A critical mission of the NSF is to improve health and well-being through improving sleep health in the United States and abroad; consequently, it was important for the instrument to assess sleep health in the general population. Historically, the NSF conducted annual polls on sleep-related topics; however, the polls’ topics and samples varied each year, which did not allow for analysis of trends across time. Thus, the NSF developed a poll to benchmark sleep health trends longitudinally. This poll, the Sleep Health Index (SHI), was developed and validated so that researchers and the public alike will better understand sleep health in the general population. The ultimate goal is to extend sleep health research, improve well-being, and empower individuals to understand the importance of sleep.