SSRS Sports & Leisure Research

Examining Trends and Behavior in Sports and Leisure

SSRS has partnered with entertainment leaders and experts in sports and leisure to measure and interpret the trends in the sports industry, as well as the influence of technology on the choices people make when seeking entertainment.

At the heart of this research is the ESPN Sports Poll, utilized by several major retail firms to segment sports fans and design marketing campaigns. SSRS has partnered with Luker on Trends to bring ESPN the best the research industry has to offer.

What it Tracks

The ESPN Sports Poll currently tracks interest in 31 different sports, technology engagement, media usage, sports television viewership, attendance behaviors, and sponsorship support.

Industry Integration

The data SSRS produces plays an integral role in strategic decisions made by top leagues, sponsors, and media organizations across the industry.

Data Collection

SSRS collects data 350 days a year from a nationally representative sample of Americans ages 12 and older.

Hispanic Sports Trends

SSRS also conducts ongoing tracking studies to identify and track important trends among Hispanic fans as part of the ESPN Spanish-language Sports poll, Deportes.

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