SSRS COVID-19 Collection of Research

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to present immense challenges for so many organizations and industries.  Regardless of how current events are affecting your organization, accurate and timely public opinion data can help keep you informed of American perceptions amidst the public health crisis. View the findings from the research SSRS has recently conducted surrounding COVID-19 and the American public.


Tokyo Olympics Could Play Critical Role in Winning Back Americans Who Lost the Most Sports Interest During COVID

At a moment when people are questioning whether we should have the Olympics, the games could play a pivotal role in bringing Americans together – especially those who have lost the most interest in sports during the pandemic

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Employment and COVID

The Latest Short Report from SSRS Examines the Impact the Pandemic has had on Employment for Americans

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What Fans Say As Sports Returns

What do fans say as sports returns?  The latest research from the SSRS/LoT Sports Poll finds that COVID changes make for a less enjoyable viewing experience, but AVID sports fans say they still plan to watch more than normal.  View more findings in our new short report.

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Back to Baseball: The State of MLB as the 2020 Season Begins

The latest SSRS/LoT Sports Poll report, “Back to Baseball:  The State of MLB as the 2020 Season Begins”, examines the interest of sports fans right now.

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The Four Bases of Baseball Fans During COVID-19

Now that MLB is returning to TV, will fans be satisfied?  Our latest research shows that AVID fans miss watching sports more than anything.

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COVID-19 and Attending Events Today

In recent weeks, concern surrounding COVID-19 has started to rise again. Discover how Americans currently feel about attending large events.

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Is it safe to get together again? Feelings of Safety Following the Reopening of America

Americans gradually feel safer about getting together for social activities.

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Feelings of Safety in Groups: The Impact of Coronavirus on Americans

Americans Still Don’t Feel Safe Getting Together, but Signs Suggest the Worst is Over

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COVID-19 In America

Concerns about the crisis, application of social distancing, and current financial impact.

SSRS Probability Panel Data Analysis

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A Crisis of Attending: The Impact of Coronavirus on Americans

SSRS is monitoring how safe Americans feel about getting together with groups of different sizes.

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The Impact of Coronavirus on American Sports Fans

The Coronavirus crisis has created unprecedented challenges for the sports and leisure industry.

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