SSRS Speaking with CNN at ESOMAR Webinar

The Pollsters’ Survival Kit in the Trump World

SSRS President Melissa Herrmann and EVP Chintan Turakhia Spoke with CNN at ESOMAR / CRIC Webinar

In the ESOMAR and CRIC webinar, five North American pollsters shared their views on where the race stands, the central issues, and possible outcomes.

The webinar consisted of four 15-minute presentations followed by a question and answer session. It was moderated by Kathy Frankovic of ESOMAR’s Professional Standards Committee.

Election Polling in the Battleground States

Melissa Herrmann, President, SSRS | Chintan Turakhia, Executive Vice President, SSRS | Jennifer Agiesta, CNN Politics Polling Director

The divided results between the Electoral College and the popular vote in the 2016 U.S. presidential race made clear that national polling alone would not tell the full story of American elections. CNN has always conducted extensive state-level polling in election years. The presentation looked at how CNN and SSRS are focusing on battleground states within national polling in 2020, creating a more complete picture of public opinion throughout the campaign.