TIME National Women’s Poll Findings

TIME National Women’s Poll

We Polled American Women on Their Top Pressures, Concerns and Goals. Here’s What They Said

After a home-cooked lunch of spicy chaat and chai this July, four friends gathered on a living-room floor in Ashburn, Va., to discuss faith and inner strength as part of their monthly halaqa, an Islamic study group. “We live in a time where you can’t really separate yourself from feeling that weight and responsibility to be an advocate for your community,” says Nafisa Isa, the host. Isa, like her friends, has faced prejudice and aggression as a South Asian Muslim-American woman. In 2018, she worries.

We met Isa and her friends as part of the multimedia project Women Across America: A TIME Road Trip, where we traveled to seven cities over the summer to speak with women who have formed social groups and businesses in response to a range of different pressures. Finding strength in shared passions, struggles and goals, these women have formed new communities.

The worries Isa and her halaqa shared during our visit to Ashburn align with a finding in our national poll, conducted with SSRS and Ford: the top concern for adult women across the U.S. right now is taking care of their families, and their families’ safety.