White House staff lacking permanent security clearance

7 in 10 concerned about White House staff lacking permanent security clearance

New CNN Poll Conducted by SSRS

A new CNN poll conducted by SSRS finds that 70% of Americans are concerned about the number of employees who are serving in the White House without permanent security clearances, as the White House deals with the downgrade of clearances for dozens of employees who haven’t yet received permanent approval for top secret access.

Further, 61% said President Donald Trump has done a poor job assembling a team of top advisers to work in the White House.

Concerns about staff without permanent clearances are highest among Democrats (85% are very or somewhat concerned), but independents (72% concerned) and Republicans (44% concerned) express high levels of worry as well. However, 77% of Republicans say they think Trump has done a good job assembling his advisers, something most Democrats (89%) and independents (63%) disagree with.

The poll was conducted before news broke that White House staffers operating without permanent security clearances — including the President’s son-in-law, who serves in a senior role at the White House — would have their access to top secret information limited.