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Clay Daniel

Vice President and Account Executive

Clay’s passion for numbers began at an early age; he received his first calculator watch and knew he was destined for a career studying data. During his more than twenty-five-year tenure at SSRS, Clay has held a wide range of positions that have formed him into a well-rounded researcher. He is knowledgeable in many protocols and has worked with key clients including Nielsen, Mercer, Kaiser Permanente, Robert Half, Centivo, and Deloitte Services.

Clay is particularly proud of his involvement in SSRS’s longest-tenured project, which is currently celebrating 30 years of partnership. For 25 of those years, Clay has provided his expertise and leadership to ensure success. For him, the best part of the job is giving clients guidance and contributing to their research goals. He is a proud alumnus of Millikin University, where he earned a BS degree in Marketing.

In his free time, Clay enjoys indulging in his hobbies: solving word puzzles and passionately following both F1 and IndyCar racing. A true research nerd, he enjoys solving puzzles and doing the NY Times crossword, and has recently become dedicated to maintaining his Wordle streak. Through his love of racing, Clay has learned the importance of attention to detail, preparation, and collaboration – all qualities that he applies to his work as a research leader.