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SSRS is your trusted partner for complex and challenging research problems. With the latest data collection best practices, cutting-edge survey methodologies, and an industry leading team, SSRS is breaking the mold on what research companies can do.

Research Areas

Providing answers you can stand behind.

SSRS Opinion Panel Products are widely renowned tools for providing accurate, multi-modal survey responses that deliver on how people think and how their opinions guide behavior. Fast and Flexible, our panels are at the forefront of our work and the foundation on which we have built our value.

SSRS Opinion Panel

Rooted in truth.

Our Encipher suite of calibration services utilizes innovative and experimentally-validated methods to reduce bias and improve data quality. A rigorously tested approach to calibrating nonprobability and hybrid data, our expansive bank of customizable calibration items offers a refreshing alternative to “one size fits all” weighting.


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About SSRS

SSRS provides answers you can trust through rigorous research and relevant insights. Our focus, resolve, and passion for solving problems is relentless. We apply independent thinking to custom research solutions, combined with agile and steadfast problem-solving. When you work with the SSRS team, you have confidence in the reliability of data rooted in truth.

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Our Research Areas

Public Opinion & Policy

Leading the way to a well-informed society through customized research.

  • Physicians and other health care providers
  • Businesses owners, benefits managers, and other company health care decision makers
  • Patients with a variety of health conditions and experiences
  • Older adults
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Health Care & Health Policy

Using patient and provider experiences to build healthier communities and improve health equity.

  • Physicians and other health care providers
  • Businesses owners, benefits managers, and other company health care decision makers
  • Patients with a variety of health conditions and experiences
  • Older adults
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Consumer & Lifestyle

SSRS gets to the heart of what makes people tick by digging into consumer attitudes and behaviors.

  • Hear the voice of the consumer
  • Explore product and service development and usage
  • Understand customer experience
  • Discover people’s lifestyles and choices
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Sports & Entertainment

Snapshots into the consumer mindset through the lens of lifetime, entertainment and sports with a historical perspective.

  • Sports Poll
  • Luker LENS Poll
  • Sports Poll Kids
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Political & Election Polling

SSRS conduct non-partisan political and election-related research research using a mix of samples, modes, and methods.

  • SSRS utilizes mixed methods tailored to research needs
  • SSRS links a variety of data sources to improve survey data quality
  • SSRS applies an advanced use of weighting adjustments
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Events and Speaking Engagements

You can find the SSRS team at industry conferences and events all year long! Whether we are attending, speaking, or presenting, we look forward to connecting with you and sharing insights from our research.

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SSRS Solutions

Providing answers you can trust through rigorous research and relevant insights. SSRS tackles the most complex and challenging research questions to impact positive change.

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SSRS Solutions

Proprietary. Innovative. Fit for purpose. SSRS offers tailor-made research solutions designed to gather hard-to-get data and answer complex problems.


SSRS Opinion Panel

Rigorous Standards Combine Accuracy, Flexibility, and Affordability

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SSRS Opinion Panel Omnibus

Perfect if You Want to Field a Short Survey or…

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SSRS Virtual Insights

A Full-service Solution for Conducting Virtual Qualitative Research

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SSRS Business Insights

An Innovative Source of B2B Sample

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A Suite of Calibration Services Utilizing Innovative and Experimentally Validated…

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Luker LENS Poll

Snapshots into the Consumer Mindset Through the Lens of Lifetime,…

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Sports Poll

The First and Longest Running Tracking Study Focusing on Sports…

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Sports Poll Kids

Building the Next Generation of Sports Fans

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SSRS Text Message Panel

Probability-based, Quick Turnaround Polling

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SSRS ABS Innovations

Elevating Address-based Sampling to New Levels

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SSRS Proprietary Panels

Highly Scalable Cost-efficient Data Collection Platform Tailored to Meet Client…

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Rutgers-Eagleton/SSRS Garden State Panel

Measuring Public Opinion in New Jersey

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The People Behind the Data

We know research is all about people, and it’s time to get personal. Our team of critical thinkers has genuine enthusiasm for our work and a shared goal to connect people through research. We get excited about the inherent problem solving involved in survey-based research, and our process fosters transparency through collaboration.

Get to Know Us

“Being a part of a team that genuinely enjoys working together on thought-provoking research was my goal as we built SSRS. I want to nurture a creative, innovative, supportive environment. As new challenges arise so do new opportunities for creative problem solving. It is so exciting! ”

Melissa Herrmann President

“We are proud to work with clients who share our main goal: Making sure that public opinion includes the voices of people that are oftentimes under-represented in research. ”

Eran Ben-Porath, PhD, SSRS EVP
Eran Ben-Porath Chief Research Director

“We all work very hard, but we also know how to have fun together. The culture here is amazing, and I have not experienced another company like SSRS in my 20+ year market research career.”

Jen Schmidt VP of Online Research and Strategy

“I enjoy helping clients use data to support their ‘why’ so they can sustainably continue to implement and or alter their own services or offerings.”

Gabi Salomon Senior Project Director

“Conducting reliable public opinion research is critical not only to meet specific client objectives, but to ensure a high functioning democracy overall. I am proud to be part of that enterprise!”

Jordon Peugh Chief Business Officer

Our passion for solving problems is relentless.

When you work with the SSRS team, you gain accountability-driven thoughtfulness into unpacking complex challenges. Let's start a conversation about your next project.

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