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Omnibus Surveys

The SSRS Omnibus, Millennial Omnibus, Small Business Omnibus, and Teen Omnibus

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Online Solutions

We manage data from various opt-in panels using advanced weighting, calibration, and more

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Public Opinion Research

SSRS takes the pulse of public opinion as it relates to politics, policy, attitudes and experiences

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David Dutwin, SSRS EVP, examines the history of Address-Based Sampling, as well as its advantages and challenges.

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Big data means big opportunity.  In a new landscape focused on insights – derived faster and cheaper than ever before – one might ask how survey research and social science, more broadly, can fit or add value.

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Participation in telephone surveys has been on a downward decline nearly since the popularization of telephonic research (see Curtin et al, 2000).  How low have they gotten, and to what effect?  Can we still have confidence that survey results from telephone surveys are valid and reliable?

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Telephone interviewing in the U.S. has enjoyed a golden age for a number of decades.  This age was characterized by efficient samples, modest if not at times high participation, and simple, widespread coverage.  Unfortunately, those days are past.

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SSRS, in partnership with the Data Science team at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, have conducted over two years of research and development on the use of non-probability samples in social science research.

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When it comes to determining research methodology, researchers these days have many options.  The breadth of options available to survey researchers today is a boon, providing flexibility of cost, quality, and timing.  So how do researchers choose?

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