SSRS is a full-service survey and market research firm known for innovative methods and optimized research designs.

Methodological Rigor

Collecting the highest quality data using advanced methodologies and innovative technologies

Personalized Research

Providing custom capabilities that tailor to requests using multimodal approaches and proprietary sample designs

Dedicated Professionals

We are a dedicated team of critical thinkers with genuine enthusiasm for our work and a shared goal to connect people through research

Attending AAPOR in Philly this Spring? Then you’re invited!

The SSRS team is very excited to welcome you to our hometown of Philadelphia for the 78th annual AAPOR conference!

The theme of the event is “working together,” and we can’t think of a better way to demonstrate collaboration than by hosting a party for everyone attending the AAPOR conference this year. We hope you can join us for snacks, drinks, and fellowship in celebration of the important work we do every day.

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SSRS Opinion Panel

The SSRS Opinion Panel is a nationally representative panel of U.S. adults age 18 or older.


SSRS Encipher

An experimentally tested and externally-validated approach to calibrating nonprobability and probability data proven to reduce bias and improve data quality.


SSRS Opinion Panel Omnibus

The SSRS Opinion Panel Omnibus is a multi-client, probability-based survey that fields twice a month.


SSRS/LoT Sports Poll

The SSRS/LoT Sports Poll is the first and longest running tracking study focusing on sports in the U.S.


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