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Political & Election Polling

Non-partisan Political and Election Related Research

SSRS conducts political opinion and election-related research using a mix of samples, modes, and methods. This mixed-mode approach allows us to reach representative samples of adults and gauge the political environment. Our approach is tailored to address key challenges of modern-day election polling, particularly the risk of differential response rates between Democrats and Republicans and other hard-to-measure nonresponse biases.

A Suite of Innovative Tools for Political and Election Polling

  • SSRS Utilizes Mixed Methods Tailored to Research Needs
  • Conducting “gold standard” mixed-mode address-based sample (ABS) designs to obtain population benchmarks for non-demographic attitudinal measures, which help measure and reduce nonresponse biases in faster-turnaround polls.
  • Using the SSRS Opinion Panel and the SSRS Text Message Panel for rapid-turnaround research.
  • Applying our Encipher Hybrid calibration approach to increase available sample sizes, especially at the state level, by blending probability and nonprobability samples
  • SSRS Links a Variety of Data Sources to Improve Survey Data Quality
  • Appending external data (voter and commercial files, small area demographics, and precinct-level election results) to detect and correct for partisan nonresponse.
  • Applying machine learning models to predict the party affiliation of persons at an address for stratification and weighting.
  • Assigning likely voter scores based on vote history and other externally available data.
  • Validating self-reports of past voting behavior.
  • SSRS Applies an Advanced Use of Weighting Adjustments
  • Weighting to new non-demographic benchmarks (e.g., recalled vote and modeled party identification within small geographic areas) to correct for differential response rates by party and other non-demographic drivers of polling error

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