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SSRS Virtual Insights

A Full-service Solution for Conducting Virtual Qualitative Research

Traditional qualitative recruitment methods often require extensive outreach efforts that can be time-consuming and expensive. SSRS Virtual Insights is a full-service solution for qualitative research. We leverage our SSRS Opinion Panel to efficiently target and recruit high-quality participants for virtual qualitative research and engage our team of expert qualitative researchers to gather nuanced insights.

The SSRS Opinion Panel is our nationally representative, probability-based panel that includes detailed panelist profile data with dozens of attributes.

This means we can more efficiently target specialized populations, cutting down on the time and costs associated with qualitative recruiting. Our highly collaborative team stands ready to carry out your project from start to finish:

  • Recruitment and Scheduling: We recruit and screen panelists based on your target population then manage the appointment times and reminders.
  • Interviewing and Moderating: Our team of moderators and interviewers conduct qualitative research online using virtual platforms.
  • Deliverables: We'll provide the deliverables that suit your project's needs, including recordings, transcription, reporting, and analysis.

Key Research Applications

Cognitive Pretests

Getting ready to field a new survey? We’ll recruit participants who look like your target population and conduct cognitive interviews to ensure your survey questions are ready for prime time.

Focus Groups

Want to dive deep on a topic? We'll recruit participants for online focus groups and have our team of expert moderators lead discussions. Clients can observe the groups virtually in real time.

In-Depth Interviews

Want to understand individual experiences, attitudes or decisions? We'll recruit participants for one-on-one interviews that allow for extensive understanding of motivations and behaviors.

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