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If so, we reached out because we’d like your opinion, and we hope you participate in our research!

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How do I participate in your surveys?

Thank you for expressing interest in participating one of our surveys. To maintain the scientific approach through random selection, telephone numbers for our random-digit-dial general public polls are chosen at random and then called to participate in the surveys. Your number could be randomly selected in the future and we hope that if called, you’ll choose to take the survey!

How do I join one of your panels?

Thank you for expressing interest in participating in one of our panels. Our panels are invitation only. If you have been selected to join you will receive an invitation letter by mail or invited to join after taking a telephone survey with us. You could be randomly selected in the future to join and we hope that if you receive an invitation letter or are called, you’ll choose to join!

I want to conduct a survey for a political candidate...

Thank you for thinking of SSRS for this project. SSRS is an independent polling organization. Because of this, we do not conduct any partisan polling or polling directly for any candidates/parties. Good luck with your research!

What does an asterisk in your toplines / poll results mean?

Responses denoted with an asterisk indicate a value of less than 0.5%. Hope that helps!

What does SSRS stand for?

The acronym is no longer part of our brand identity. Simply refer to us as SSRS in any and all communications.