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If so, we reached out because we’d like your opinion, and we hope you participate in our research!

We are not telemarketers. We will not try to sell you anything if you choose to take our surveys.

Different types of companies and institutions – health care, foundations, non-profits, policy makers, sports teams, media, consumer products – hire us to help them understand what you are thinking and feeling about certain subjects, products, or experiences. Your feedback will influence product development, customer service quality, and public and government policy. This is a chance to be heard!

Were you contacted about the SSRS Opinion Panel?

We hope you consider participating. Click here and enter the code in the letter we sent you to get started. You can also call us at 1-866-416-2822 and we’ll assist you with registration. Click here to get more information about the SSRS Opinion Panel.

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What about the “Do Not Call (DNC) Registry”?

We are a survey and market research company, NOT a telemarketing company. Congress has exempted survey and market research studies from the laws that regulate telemarketers because they recognize the value of your opinions. For more information, visit the National Do Not Call Registry website.

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Participation is totally voluntary, and your responses are confidential. If you prefer not to be involved, just say the word. Fill out this short form and we will pull you from our database right away. We need all the information on the form to successfully remove you, so please provide as much as you can.

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