Qualitative Research

Understand Underlying Reasons, Opinions, and Motivations Among Your Audience

SSRS harnesses qualitative research to provide our clients with a rich and nuanced understanding of the underlying reasons and motivations behind people’s attitudes and behaviors. SSRS collaborates with our clients to recommend fit-for-purpose qualitative techniques to address their research goals.

Whether drawing on qualitative research to support the development of a questionnaire, to explore themes emerging from a survey, or as a standalone qualitative study, SSRS carefully manages the research process to ensure a positive experience for participants and delivery of high-quality insights for our clients.

SSRS offers:

  • In-person and virtual qualitative research methods, including focus groups, cognitive interviews, in-depth interviews, usability testing, online bulletin boards, mixed-methods, and other qualitative techniques;
  • A team of passionate and experienced qualitative researchers who deeply immerse themselves in the research goals of each study to collect and analyze high-quality data;
  • SSRS Virtual Insights and our trusted network of partners for qualitative recruitment;
  • Careful screening of participants to ensure they meet project needs and are fully prepared to share their insights;
  • Development and coordination of Institutional Review Board (IRB) processes; and
  • Rigorous data security protocols to protect participant confidentiality.

Qualitative Research Design and Development

Identification of Target Populations and Samples

Recruitment Protocols and Plans

Discussion and Interview Guides

Tools to Increase the Value of Your Survey Results

At SSRS, we are driven to help organizations better understand and contextualize their survey data through qualitative research. Let's start a conversation about how we can help with your next project.

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