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Public Opinion & Policy

Leading the Way to a Well-informed Society Through Customized Research

The SSRS Public Policy and Public Opinion research practice serves a broad spectrum of clients from major academic institutions, media organizations, and non-profit organizations. Using a variety of methodologies from one-night text-message polls to highly complex multi-mode studies, SSRS takes the pulse of public opinion as it relates to politics and policy.

SSRS is committed to accurately reflecting the attitudes, experiences, and behaviors of the population, whether its people’s preferred candidate, their intention to get vaccinated, or injustices they face. We understand our clients’ need for representative data of diverse populations and deploy innovative techniques to help them achieve this goal. We have established an expertise in reaching populations that are typically underrepresented in surveys such as immigrants, people with low income, residents of rural areas, minority racial groups, military veterans, and transgender adults.

At SSRS, we employ an array of sampling and data-collection methods tailored to our clients’ goals, including our online panel, telephone surveys, and hardcopy questionnaires, oftentimes combining modes to make sure everyone has a chance to be included in our research.

Public Opinion Research at SSRS

  • Quick-turnaround studies online, by phone, and by text.
  • Longstanding surveys tracking public opinion over decades.
  • Sophisticated methods aimed at reaching underrepresented populations.
  • Surveys in geographies ranging from national studies to state-specific polls, and smaller areas such as counties and cities.
  • Specializing in public opinion among diverse ethnic and race groups.

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