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Health Care & Health Policy

Using Patient and Provider Experiences to Build Healthier Communities

SSRS is an industry leader in health policy and health care research. We are the preferred partner of many of the nation’s elite organizations working to improve public health and health policy, address health inequities, and increase citizens’ access to quality care.

We collaborate with foundations, national and state-based government entities, and policy institutes in the US and across the globe to create innovative quantitative and qualitative study methods that match rapidly changing environments. SSRS’s expertise spans across health domains and our designs often specifically focus on reaching underserved populations.

SSRS helps policy makers respond quickly to health crises facing the nation, and we collected tens of thousands of interviews during Covid-19 to provide critical information where it was needed most. We are a recognized leader in carrying out large-scale state health surveys from coast-to-coast. SSRS brings a rich understanding of the intricacies of these studies and the complex sample designs necessary to reach the vulnerable populations crucial to effective health research.

Our areas of expertise includes research with:

  • Physicians and other health care providers
  • Businesses owners, benefits managers, and other company health care decision makers
  • Patients with a variety of health conditions and experiences
  • Older adults
  • Uninsured individuals
  • The general population, with a focus on ensuring underrepresented groups are included
  • International health care research with patients and providers

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