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SSRS Encipher

A Suite of Calibration Services Utilizing Innovative and Experimentally Validated Methods


SSRS Encipher provides integrated solutions. Explore our rigorously tested and externally validated approaches to calibrating nonprobability and hybrid data that are proven to reduce bias and improve data quality.

Encipher is Different.

SSRS has an effective approach that is turning heads in the industry.

  • Our unique stepwise calibration methodology for choosing the calibration model that is most effective at reducing selection bias and total error in key study outcomes. This experimentally validated procedure adapts a guided-search algorithm that maximizes bias reduction in a cost-effective way.
  • An expansive bank of topic-customizable non-demographic calibration items validated through rigorous experimentation. These items offer an alternative to “one-size-fits-all” weighting by tailoring calibration items to the study topic, improving the effectiveness of calibration and controlling selection bias in study outcomes.

Encipher Hybrid

A Validated Methodology for Blending Probability and Nonprobability Samples

Encipher Hybrid is a unique and sophisticated method that leverages study-specific outcomes, advanced modeling techniques, and customized non-demographic measures to produce weighting margins that are optimized for reducing selection bias in key study outcomes.

Encipher Hybrid

Encipher Nonprob

Improving Weighting for Nonprobability-only Samples

When budgets or timelines do not permit the inclusion of even a small probability sample, the SSRS Encipher Nonprob solution can recover some of the benefits of a full hybrid design.

Encipher Nonprob

SSRS Encipher in Action

Case Studies and Presentations that Showcase Encipher

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A Case Study in Adaptation and Using Hybrid Samples to Produce Estimates for Subgroups

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A Case Study in Using Our Hybrid Approach to Better Understand Perceptions of For-Profit Colleges

Learn More About How Encipher Hybrid was Used

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Can one weight fit all? Adjusting Hybrid Samples for Subgroup Estimation

MAPOR 2022 Conference Presentation

We're all a little MADS here. Meet the minds behind Encipher.

The SSRS Methods, Analytics, and Data Science (MADS) team created Encipher. They conceptualize and manage survey data collection from design to dissemination, and have extensive expertise in methodological experimentation, sampling, weighting, data collection planning, monitoring, adaptive and tailored design, data editing and imputation, documentation, reporting, and quantitative analysis. Get to know the MADS team.


Methods, analytics, and data science is our thing.

Our highly experienced SSRS Methods, Analytics, and Data Science (MADS) team conceptualizes and manages survey data collection from design to dissemination. Let's start a conversation about how we can help with your next project!

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