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An Innovative Source of B2B Sample

The SSRS Business Insights Panel is a probability-based panel of employed adults age 18 or older. This panel is a part of our nationally representative SSRS Opinion Panel. Panel members are recruited randomly based on a nationally representative Address Based Sample (ABS) design with a prepaid cell RDD supplement.

Hallmarks of the SSRS Business Insights Panel Include:

Cost Efficiency and Representation

Probability based recruitment methodology ensures the most representative data while preserving cost-efficiency.

Extensive Profile Data

Extensive set of panelist demographic and occupational data is collected as a part of panel enrollment process.

Data Quality

Our panel recruitment methodology ensures that all panel members are verified respondents. High level of panel engagement results in our panelists providing rich, high-quality data for B2B research.

Target Population of Interest

Ability to target various groups based on extensive set of employment characteristics including industry, job title and job type such as Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Retail Workers, Construction Workers, and many more.

SSRS Business Insights Panel Key Research Applications

  • Cross-sectional B2B employee surveys.
  • Surveys targeted to specific industry segments, job title or employer characteristics.
  • Qualitative research including virtual focus groups and in-depth interviews.

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