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Understanding the Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Sports Industries

Our roots lie in sports. Back in 1994, we launched the first syndicated study on sports, the ESPN Sports Poll. Today, our expertise has expanded to a deep understanding of free time in general, specifically the lifestyle, entertainment, and sports industries.

We leverage our understanding of survey research and content expertise, using syndicated and custom research solutions to help you get to know and understand your consumer community and fan base through the Luker LENS Poll, Sports Poll and Sports Poll Kids.

The Suite of SSRS Sports & Entertainment Offerings

Sports Poll

Intelligence from Sports Poll has been used by almost every major league sport in the U.S. and abroad. We’ve developed industry standards for research and been called upon to provide the most trusted trending intelligence on the market. More than a data tool, Sports Poll places a greater emphasis on intelligence serving the strategic direction of sports and building lifetime values for fans.

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Sports Poll Kids

In 2022, SSRS partnered with KidSay to launch Sports Poll Kids, a new tween-focused service conducted with kids ages 8 to 11. Our research has consistently shown that the strongest fandom begins early, This new tween-focused service provides an ongoing understanding of the interests, drivers, and challenges of reaching this diverse and dynamic segment.

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Luker LENS Poll

The Luker LENS Poll brings free time trends into sharper focus to guide development and engagement strategies. We apply our “lens” to emphasize core concepts like avidity, generational transfer, community, and belonging to build lifetime value. Whether it’s a single time point, a multi-wave tracker or continuous tracker, LENS brings expertise in designing and implementing the ideal study.

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