My love for sports began at a very early age. I can’t pinpoint a specific instance or event that ignited my passion, other than being surrounded by family and friends who shared the same enthusiasm for participating in and watching sports. Although I wasn’t a varsity sports kid, I participated in various organized teams for baseball, soccer, and volleyball. I also enjoyed playing racquetball and golf, and I truly relished the camaraderie of playing with a team and the drive to win.

While I don’t recall my father being a huge sports fan, he did enjoy taking the family to sporting events, including NASCAR, hockey, and NFL games. From a young age, I started collecting baseball and football cards, which soon fueled my love for football, particularly the NFL. I distinctly remember receiving my first Dallas Cowboys t-shirt at Christmas, sparking my allegiance to America’s team. Naturally, my older brother was a Washington fan, sparking years of friendly rivalry between us.

Sports brought my family and friends together on many occasions: the World Series, Super Bowl, and NASCAR races united us and provided a platform for social interaction. As I got older, these events expanded to include invites from mutual friends, offering opportunities to connect with a diverse range of people.

In essence, sports transcend beyond the mere “event” and serve as a social catalyst, bringing people together and fostering lasting connections.