There are many roads that lead people to their love of a game, and I truly enjoy hearing about each journey.

My love of sports is a little untraditional in that neither of my parents were sports fans at all. My mother still calls halftime “intermission” and uniforms “costumes.”  Our shared entertainment was more focused on music, television, and movies. So how did I become such an avid Yankees fan?

I am a first-generation American on my mom’s side. When her family came here from Sicily, they spoke very little English. Some of her siblings continued to speak mostly Italian, especially since they lived in a predominately Italian neighborhood in Queens. While both of my parents were working, I spent time with my grandparents, aunts, and cousins when I was young. One of my favorite memories was spending afternoons, and many evenings, watching the New York Yankees on TV. It didn’t matter whether you spoke English or Italian – you knew when there was a good play, and you sure as heck knew when there was a bad call!  The only language spoken, the only language required, was baseball.

Over the years, the names on the team changed – Mattingly, Jeter, Judge – but our love of baseball and, specifically, the New York Yankees, was unwavering.  My passion for the game continued to grow, and I learned that baseball is bigger than language. It bridges generations and unites families.

I have an unbreakable connection with the New York Yankees. They are part of the fabric of my childhood, and I cherish that lifelong bond.  Sharing the magic of baseball with others brings me great joy.  I passed my love of the Yankees on to my children, who are upholding the legacy that began in Jackson Heights, NY, many years ago.