The Survey of Immigrants, a partnership between KFF and The Los Angeles Times, takes an in-depth look at the experiences of immigrants, a diverse group that makes up 16% of the U.S. adult population. Immigrants play an important role in the nation’s workforce and culture, and they also face unique experiences and struggles in their communities, workplaces, and health care settings. Nonetheless, they overwhelmingly express optimism about their futures in the U.S. and have high hopes for their children.

The survey is the largest nationally representative survey focused on immigrants, interviewing 3,358 immigrant adults in 10 languages. The results provide a deep understanding of immigrants’ experiences, reflecting their varied countries of origin and histories, immigration statuses, racial and ethnic identities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. In addition to the survey, KFF and The Los Angeles Times also conducted 13 focus groups with immigrant adults across the country.