The experience of care partners of patients with Parkinson’s disease psychosis

New Article Featuring Expertise from The Michael J. Fox Foundation, Duke University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Toronto, and SSRS

SSRS EVP Robyn Rapoport and Research Director Sarah Glancey Co-authored the Article


Parkinson’s disease psychosis (PDP) has a major impact on quality of life and care partner burden; however, little is known about the lived experiences of care partners in managing PDP.


To understand how care partners of individuals with PDP experience their role and articulate their needs related to psychosis.


This was a qualitative study of semi-structured telephone interviews. Recruitment was conducted online via the clinical study matching tool, Fox Trial Finder; study activities took place remotely via telephone interviews. Transcripts of the phone interviews were analyzed by grounded theory methods, and a codebook of key themes that emerged from the analysis was developed.