Our client was interested in Canadian buying behaviors around various lawn & garden products, such as weed control, grass seed, lawn & fertilizer amendments, outdoor insect control for lawn/outdoors, outdoor insect control for garden/ornamentals, plant fertilizer, and packaged seeds. SSRS contacted adults in Canada who have bought at least one of these product types and would plan to purchase in the future to deep dive on their purchases, unmet needs, and brand knowledge/preferences to help determine if there may be an opportunity for the client to introduce some of their products into the Canadian marketplace.


Understanding those who are active in gardening/lawn care isn’t just about demographic or geographic exploration; there are also different “kinds” of gardeners. For example, some gardeners may only be interested in organic products. SSRS therefore recommended a study design that would not only collect a robust sample of product users but would also enable understanding how common opinions and behaviors would impact purchase potential.


SSRS interviewed over 5,000 product users in Canada using an opt-in web panel. This sample size allowed for coverage across the various provinces of Canada, provided enough respondents who used each product category, and enabled SSRS to conduct a segmentation analysis to determine potential customer grouping based on shared demographic and psychographic facets. Interviews were conducted in English and French.


SSRS provided a deep-dive into the Canadian Lawn & Garden marketplace. The research projected the potential for our client to introduce new products into the marketplace and which categories provided the best opportunity. The research revealed brand usage and which brands might be the primary competitors for our client. The segmentation that SSRS completed also offered insights into groups of Canadian customers that could help our client strategically introduce and market its products in Canada.